Library Show

I’m having a show of new and interesting work at the Wells Library in Upper Jay.  Reception is July 12 and the show runs through the month of August.

Martha Spear gave me several sheets of paper she wouldn’t be using, sanded paper for pastel work. I bought a limited pastel kit and let the paper and pastels sit, taunting me, for about five years.

At the time I was curiously doodling bare branched and twisted trees in my sketchbooks and on scraps of paper, I would write a title and tack it on my wall where it would hang for years.

I then had a heart attack and should have been pleasantly asleep while they inserted a stent in me, but somehow I was awake to see and feel the miracle of blood flowing back into part of my heart, just like the trees I had been mindlessly, yet determinedly drawing.

One day while I was indulging my curiosity with these trees and obviously indulging in time, I took out the pastels, took a piece of Martha’s paper and wondered how the shadow from a tree would fall across an egg, and then the rest just happened.


tree_10 tree_3
 A Tree Having Tea  A Beckoning Tree


tree_5 tree_11
 In Another Adirondack Time  A Tree Reaches Out To Me, In My Cave


tree_9 tree_4
 A Tree Enveloping The Moon  Indulging Time


tree_7 tree_2
 Tree and Climber  Bather and Tree


tree_1 tree_6
 Turtle Emerging With A Tree  Meditating Before The Great Expanse of Silence

Tree and Shadow