From the beginning

We’ve been in business 30 years this year.  It could have been last year, but that was our 30th wedding anniversary and I don’t think we merged our two businesses into one that first year.  So we’re saying this is our 30th year.

I got to thinking about it because I was cleaning up my studio, I’m moving from silk painting to oil painting now…..and I found this photo that fell out of somewhere….
Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay New York
It’s me at a craft show in 1983 or 84.  I have corner spot so that is good.  I see my first etchings, Sue’s early pottery and my 35 years old self.  We did as many craft shows during the summer months as possible and then on autumn weekends and at Holiday time there were a couple.  It was a great way to get the word out about our work and begin to create customers and friends that are still with us 30 years later.

But our goal was always to have a gallery on the road.
handworkSo we got our very first loan for $500 from the Bank of Lake Placid and built our little gallery, 10′ x 12′ and called ourselves Handwork Studio & Gallery.  There was no failed restaurant across the street from us yet, and Sue’s brothers’ business next store was still going strong at that time.  Route 86 looked more like a sleepy country road than it does now.  We were only open three days a week.
2_23_1985_handworksignOur friend Smurtha who was a sign painter at the time then created a nicer sign for us.  We kept this name until a craft store opened up in Wilmington about 6 miles down the road and they called themselves, Handiwork.  Can you imagine!  They bought and re-sold local crafts, while we actually made the work, but it was a good thing for us.  Customers told us that we should have our names outside because that is what they are looking for when they come down the road for the first time.  So we became Young’s Studio & Gallery.  In 1995 we opened the larger gallery that we have now.