Spring? Pottery orders, R&D and another play

This has been a long winter, Burlington Vt broke a record for most below zero days, out heating bill bares that out……it’s snowing today and looks like it will next week too……Ah….the north country.

Sue has been very busy completing orders, and experimenting with new techniques.  She has three dinnerware orders this winter.
3_22_14_dinnerwareHere is a partial order, ten of each.  It takes some time to get all the plates through the kilns, because they take up a lot of shelf space, you can’t stack in the kiln or they will fuse to one another….
Ceramic Pendants by Sue Young, Young's Studio & Gallery Jay New YorkThen there are new pendant ideas……all flowers, some are a mix of colored clay and glaze.
Stoneware Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

This is a vase I scooped right up as it came out of the kiln, because I have “Partners Rights to One Piece from Every Single Kiln”.  Most times I don’t use my “Rights”, because we need to actually sell the work, but this piece Sue created from a slab of clay as opposed to throwing on the wheel and then she attached her colored paper creations that are baked into the pot.  The pot feels and looks like it was just dug out of some ancient temple……that’s why I like it and keep it on my desk.
3_22_14_paperbeads1Sue has taken over the kitchen table with a new project.  I got her a book about creating paper beads.  I received an email from a woman named Akua Lezli Hope, she was searching the internet and came across our site and just wanted to touch base with us.  I went in turn to her site and discovered that not only is she an accomplished poet but she works in glass, paper and other crafts.  On her site.  Art Farm  she shows beads she’s made from handmade paper and then mentions the book where some of her ideas came from.  Perfect for Sue I thought and so I order her the book.

Boom….Sue went right to work, we’re eating in the living room for awhile.   But that’s ok, the beads are very cool and I can’t wait to see what she will do with them………Thank you Akua!

As for me…..I play a lot of piano, I have five songs memorized, “Misty”, “Georgia”, “Tracks of My Tears”, “Stardust” and “Skyfall”.  I play each one at least once a day and have so much fun doing it.  I’ve been playing much more than these, but these are the one’s I can play without the music in front of me.  Next I believe will be “Landslide” from Fleetwood Mac.

I’m caring for Mom which is an important part of my day, I’ve been painting, I’ll have to take some photos and now I’ve taken on a new play.  I’ll be performing in “Why Torture is Wrong, and The People Who Love It” by Christopher Durang.  I’m playing Leonard the father.  We’ve only been talking through the work, next week we’ll begin to memorize, run lines and block it out.  Scott has some wonderful ideas for the set.  The production will be in late July and early August at the Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay.