Fresh Kiln

Sue’s kiln loads these days seem to be mostly orders.  She has work for Adirondack Life, a local Rustic Furniture Store, the Local Public TV Station, plus three large dinnerware sets, and there’s more.
3_31_14_kiln2Sue has been making the award for the Adirondack Life Photography Contest for a number of years.  Quite often recipients will contact her to let her know how much they like the bowl.
3_31_14_kiln1Here are a couple of horse handled casseroles.
3_31_14_kiln3The yellow lilly pendants are new.  Sue used a yellow clay.  But I’m excited about these mugs.  I love the design, I think they will be a very big hit this summer.

A robin eating a worn out apple.  This robin came back too early, we have lots of snow around still, but our apple tree see’s lots of activity from this robin who noshed for several hours, and also crows and deer.

We canned lots of apple sauce and froze a bunch of apple pies and we could use all the apples we received from our tree this year.  Some were way too high to get to and we just left them on the tree.  So this tree has been like a market for the animals all winter long.  We just lost the very last apple….and the forecast finally has some days in the 40’s coming and I’m sure patches of grass will soon open up.

This photo was also selected by WPTX ULocal web site as their featured photo of the day.  I wonder if I’ll get a nice pottery bowl as a reward?