Fresh Pottery for May and a play

This past month has been very busy.  The Adirondacks have had a cold spring and thaw, so we haven’t been able to do much outside work until now.  We are replacing the steps to the gallery among some other projects and hoping to have much of it done by Memorial Weekend.
5_15_14_2Sue has been teaching an 8 session class of pottery at the local library and in her studio.  The library got a grant from the AARP so everyone is over 50.  It is going very well and everyone is learning some wonderful hand building techniques that Sue uses to create all the wonderful pottery she makes.  Teachers will tell you it’s mostly the prep time to get ready for a class and it’s no different with this.  Sue made enough tools for 12 and she has 11 students.  So there’s all the clay to get ready and transport all the finished projects back to the studio and cycle it all through the kilns.  There’s one session left and it has been going very well.

This is part of dinnerware set drying.  Sue has worked on four sets this winter and still has one more to go.

In addition to teaching, fulfilling orders and creating new work Sue had work in a Alumni show at SUNY Potsdam.  They are showcasing a week of the arts and a new art building on campus.
5_15_14_4Sue’s stoneware tea set that looks like rocks was on the poster advertising the event.
Adirondack Painting by Terrance D Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYIt’s been hard to work in my studio lately, but this was my last painting, (12″x24″).  Taking care of my Mom takes my mornings, but it’s an important part of her day, it’s when her heart is working the hardest, getting ready for the day… I take care of breakfast and get her ready to go everyday.  She doesn’t go far because she’s in a wheelchair with oxygen, but she has two wonderful decks she can enjoy, she has nothing but woods and peace and quiet around her.

And then I’ve taken on another play with Scott Renderer.  “Why Torture is Wrong, and The People Who Love It” by Christopher Durang.   Here is a photo on our small round stage with Susy Doolittle on the left, Bob Andrews and Annie Scavo.  Annie plays my wife, Bob is a mysterious voice and also plays a character called Loony Toons and then Susy plays my helper in the “Shadow Government”.  The cast is filled out by Scott who plays a Porno Minister, Olivia who is my daughter and Dylan who marries my daughter.

It’s a rip roaring comedy and I am enjoying it immensely.  The other thing I spend much time with is my piano.  I now have memorized, Misty, Georgia, Stardust, Tracks of My Tears, Skyfall, Bell Bottom Blues and Summertime.  I love just being able to sit down and play and relax to a rhythm.

I’ve also been dismantling my web design business.  I didn’t want to upgrade because I’ve decided to get unwired.  I’m one of the lucky ones, for I remember what it was like before a digital world came.  I use to get lost in music and art and poetry and that’s what I want back.  My mother was telling me today that she had the last two Jeopardy answers and that none of the contestants had them, both of them had to do with poetry.  As a child she use to memorize poetry, I do it as a hobby when I’m not learning lines for a play.