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Autumn, being an artist and little politics

It continues to be a beautiful Autumn in the Adirondacks
10_16_14_lakeI try my hardest to get to this nearby lake every morning for a nice hike around it, sometimes I go around twice.  The tree below is also on this morning walk.

Sue and I have been in business for 33 years.  Pottery, Etching, Book Arts, Jewelry, Paintings, Drawings, Weavings, Sculpture, Drumming and more, we have done so much together.  We’ve done workshops in the studio, in schools and library’s.  But all this creativity is what is shown to the world, however behind all that there is much more to be done to get the work into the gallery.

We also have to be plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers, etc….to make everything happen.

This is the inner workings of the large kiln, we need to replace thermo couplers, they determine the temperature inside the kiln and correlate it to the other levels to make sure the temperatures in the kiln are even on each level.

I find it extraordinary that we accomplish what we do.  I’m not bragging, I’m thinking about Government and how they can’t accomplish anything anymore.  They have stifled the economy so much that many customers can’t afford to shop in little galleries like ours and other little gallery owners that we know have gone out of business.   Sue and I feel like we don’t even work for ourselves anymore, we work for the energy company, the insurance company, the health care companies…..that is where the money that we earn goes these days.  In 30 years we should be having an easier time of it, but it is much harder than in the 80’s 90’s and 00’s…….where is it going?

What if we were just starting up today?  We see our talented kids struggling to get a foot hold in society and get on with their lives, but they always come up across road blocks, that weren’t there when we started out.

 I just watched a local debate for our Congressional District Seat.  The Republican and Democrat I do not want to represent me, they don’t even live in our district, but have rental apartments here, and they actually live in Brooklyn and in DC!  The Green party candidate is the one for me…..because….he supports $15 an hour wage.  He grew up here, he lives here, he runs a bakery and employs 30 people and pays them $15 an hour now.  He puts his money where is mouth is.  He also sees the need for single payer health insurance, which I am all for.

You hear so much from political candidates about helping small business, I’ve never seen help.  We don’t want direct help anyway, we just want people to thrive to be able to afford what we make.  Even our local town politicians don’t understand local business.  I can’t think of a time when one ever came into my business and asked what I needed to succeed in this town.  Not once in 30 years!

Instead we find out they close the road and the town for a business day in the middle of the summer so a bike race can use the roads that normally our customers would drive on.

I guess what I’m getting at is that all these windbags from the President on down to local council people like to spout off about small business but don’t really ever do anything to help small business, they like to talk about the independence of Americans’, but are we really independent anymore.  More and more we are becoming subservient to Corporations that are bleeding us dry, until we have this place where we are today.  Wall street is banging up large dollar amounts, while small towns are crumbling.

Watch us crumble or thrive here, in this blog.


It’s a beautiful autumn in the Adirondacks

This is a view from the deck of our gallery.  The large red maple is about 150 years old, every year it causes cars to stop, people pile out taking photos and they move on to the next scene.

This weekend is always considered the end of the summer season.  Now we gear up for the Holidays and then the winter solitude and creative times in the studios.

Sue always has orders to fill it seems and she still manages to make pottery and sculpture for her gallery.  This is an order of mugs for Mountain Lake TV, they give them away as donation incentives.  Sue has had a relationship with them for 25 plus years.

The season was average and that is good, we like average these days.

I’m framing and matting and trying to catch up on putting my work up in the gallery and soon I will be working on new towers and books.
10_12_lakeThen the other thing I’ve been doing is taking wonderful morning hikes.  You can’t beat the Adirondack lifestyle.