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Happy Thanksgiving and back to the studio

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  Our girls were here and that was very nice and I received phone calls from all my nieces and friends from around the country.  We watched movies together and I was able to read and play piano and just relax and eat all day.

I was tempted to get into the studio….but I waited
Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay New Yorkuntil today, then I set up for silk painting and did two chickadee scarves and will do another four because they were a big seller this month and I am out of them.  It looks like I will silk paint for a bit now as long as I have everything out.  I’m going to move away from scarves for awhile though and work on some hanging work in silk.

Successful Holiday Sale

With an hour left in the business day I’d say we are about average with this sale, perhaps a little above.  Very nice.  It looked like a lot more people, but with a lower average purchase.  Etchings and silk went well and of course everyone comes in for the pottery.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYn this composite photo it shows we still have excellent inventory.  I went through a lot of scarves but have kept the displays full, but now I have all my silk inventory out.  Sue is running low on mugs but still has very good inventory left.  She always is so relieved after the sale.  She works so hard to make it nice and make sure there’s lots of pottery for everyone.  And now with the wholesale business she has she also has to accommodate their needs, which she is doing very well.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYOver the past couple of years Sue has been working on clay earrings.  Now she has some wonderful pieces, very creative and light to wear at excellent prices.
11_23_14_dThe cookies we made this year, the photo is a little shaky because that always happens with me around cookies…..Of course there’s more than what you see here, we made way too many and now will freeze some.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYI love Sue’s new Nerikomi pieces she has been working on.

Gallery Holiday Sale

I’m always amazed at the work that we can create for ourselves.  I mean this little sale that we do every November is such a big deal for us.  We clean the gallery top to bottom, make changes, put up lights and balsam boughs, decorate and such.  We’ve been making work for the sale for a couple of months, there are some wonderful bargains for our customers tomorrow.

We have cookies that we’ve been making for a couple of days.

Here is one of our family favorites, a checkerboard cookie.  You make chocolate ropes and vanilla ropes, put them in a pattern, flatten them out, refridge and bake them the next day, a wonderful mix of sweet and bitter.

We also have Presidential Pecan cookies, chocolate chip, sugar cookies that Sue has Holiday Decorated and of course Sue’s Baklava……and then we have several kinds of tea served in a couple of Sue’s really nice tea pots.  We have a place set aside so customers can sit and enjoy some tea and cookies.
11_22_14_bSue opened another kiln this morning and in this kiln was work for the sale along with a lot of ornaments that she made.  Here CJ and Sue and stringing them together, while I make a pizza and finish the cookies.  Emily also came home tonight to help out, get the gallery ready and just be there for support, it was a wonderful evening having the kids here helping out and visiting with them.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYSue is known for her tea pots, this is the time to get one, this is one of my favs….

Fresh kiln, new work

Besides pumping out work for all the wholesale orders Sue has, she also is making work for the Gallery Sale coming up this weekend.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYLately the kiln firings have been filled with wholesale work, so it’s nice to see one that can all go into the gallery.

Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYThe casserole lid can be seen completed in the three pieces of blue and white in the middle of the photo.

More delicate rose petal bowls, plenty of mugs and in the lower right had corner a soup tureen.

Under the tureen is a platter.

I love the way the ladle sticks out and the cup is in the shape of a leaf… cool is that!

It’s amazing after working with Sue for over 30 years I can still get giddy over her creativity

The price on the tureen will be about $250..
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYPottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

This sold very quickly, Sue always makes lots of nice pieces for the sale, she just doesn’t pump out a bunch of mugs and bowls.  There’s always tea pots, one of kinds, raku and then there are pieces like this one, all discounted for the sale and our wonderful customers.

Holiday Sale approaching, morning walks and ideas.

Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay New York

Our holiday sale is always the weekend before Thanksgiving, Sue takes 25% off her pottery and I have a sale of from 25% to 50% off of silks and etchings.  The gallery still needs a lot of sprucing and cleaning, but the walls and shelves are filling up with work coming out of the studio.
Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay New YorkThe Shibori style designs on the silk scarves normally sell for $40 but on sale they will be $20, I want everyone who wants some color in their life to have one.  I made  about 25 of them, we’ll see if that was enough.

In addition to the work that Sue and I make we’ll have a large selection of wooden puzzles at very reasonable prices.  These puzzle are not made in the Adirondacks, but they are so cleaver and at such a good price we couldn’t resist them.  Some of them do have Adirondack themes as the maker does visit the mountains.

Sue’s ware shelves are full of drying pottery as she schedules in the last of her firings before the sale.


Most morning I take an invigorating walk in the morning, it really sets up my energy levels for the day.
11_15_14_cWe had a little snow on the ground and here’s view across the small Lake Eaton to where Whiteface Mountain shows snow on it’s slopes.
11_15_14_aCanadian geese are living in the reeds and fishing in the lake this time of year.  The fly in and out several times a week, I guess some move on and others fly in for a rest.
11_15_14_dThis old tree stump sends out roots.  I love the way the pine needles are swirling and the roots from the tree weaving and twist their way through them into the ground.  I’m tempted to just get lost with pen and ink on this idea.
11_15_14_bHere’s another example of contrasting patterns I’ve been exploring lately.  The random up and down of the reeds against the horizontal waves in the lake.


Wet, bisque pottery and new techniques

Sue continues to explore colors, textures, techniques
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

This is a small 4″ across delicate bowl with a rose petal design.  Nerikomi technique developed in Japan layering colored clays into different patterns
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYObvara fired pieces, are a variation on Raku firing. Also referred to as Baltic Raku.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYHere are some freshly made casseroles drying.

The bisque kiln and the slab roller are covered with pottery ready to be glazed.

We are getting ready for the Holiday Sale on November 22 and 23, we have our advertising and banners all set.  Sue has her schedule for throwing and glazing, I have mine for pricing and cleaning and decorating.

For years we’ve had abandoned property next to us and across the street from us, finally the one across the street went up for auction and a woman we know bought it and is planning on putting in a vacation rental.