Gallery Holiday Sale

I’m always amazed at the work that we can create for ourselves.  I mean this little sale that we do every November is such a big deal for us.  We clean the gallery top to bottom, make changes, put up lights and balsam boughs, decorate and such.  We’ve been making work for the sale for a couple of months, there are some wonderful bargains for our customers tomorrow.

We have cookies that we’ve been making for a couple of days.

Here is one of our family favorites, a checkerboard cookie.  You make chocolate ropes and vanilla ropes, put them in a pattern, flatten them out, refridge and bake them the next day, a wonderful mix of sweet and bitter.

We also have Presidential Pecan cookies, chocolate chip, sugar cookies that Sue has Holiday Decorated and of course Sue’s Baklava……and then we have several kinds of tea served in a couple of Sue’s really nice tea pots.  We have a place set aside so customers can sit and enjoy some tea and cookies.
11_22_14_bSue opened another kiln this morning and in this kiln was work for the sale along with a lot of ornaments that she made.  Here CJ and Sue and stringing them together, while I make a pizza and finish the cookies.  Emily also came home tonight to help out, get the gallery ready and just be there for support, it was a wonderful evening having the kids here helping out and visiting with them.
Pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYSue is known for her tea pots, this is the time to get one, this is one of my favs….