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Studio experiments and Happy New Year

It’s so nice to have home, studio and gallery attached and we can easily go from one to another.  When it’s quiet we can be in the house, a buzzer goes off when someone comes into the gallery.  Or at any time we can satisfy the urge and go into the studio and make something.
12_31_14_hSue is making a rock here.  The piece is hollow with veins of clay running in it.  Sue started making rocks years ago for display purposes and to go with some sculptures she created.  Now customers buy the rocks, so in her spare time, she’ll make a couple.
12_31_14_cHere’s a fascinating process Sue is working on.  She first created the blue triangle in a long strip, covered it with white clay and connect two of them…….
12_31_14_dShe continues making groups
12_31_14_gUntil she’s made a six sided chuck of design, that she will continue to form into a very nice and neat loaf and then she will take slices off the loaf…..
12_31_14_band form them over a slump mold, smooth them all out and had a foot ring…… year you’ll see the finished piece.
12_31_14_fI’m continuing with the silk painting and doing four 8×10’s at a time.

and then I also do this…………

Happy New Year!

Fun studio work and winter

Sue has been developing several new techniques over the last couple of years, now she is putting them to regular use.  Below she’s transferred the image of cows to a slab of clay.  The image is in a ceramic colorant and it is an image that a client wanted.
12_16_14_cSince this is a slab, Sue will use a hand building technique to turn this into a mug shape.
12_16_14_h12_16_14_iAnd down in the bottom Sue has put a little surprise.  A mug like this is larger than her typical hand thrown mugs and will hold approx. 20 oz.
Cow Pottery by Sue B. Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYHere is another cool example of this technique
12_16_14_g12_16_14_fPottery by Sue B. Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYCat Pottery by Sue B. Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

Two fresh cat bowls came out of the last kiln before the holidays.

Winter has arrived in the North Country.  We took in 18″ of heavy snow over a two day period.  But the day before the snow I had a nice walk around a nearby lake.
12_16_14_dThis lake is gently frozen.  Sue likes to ice skate on this lake, so we always check to see how the condition of the ice is.  Now though it has heavy snow on it.  Sue tells me the story how her father would take his Scout with a plow on the front and clear off the snow so the local kids could skate.
12_16_14_aIce crystals on a small stream.
12_16_14_bI’m experimenting with using our silk designs to make wall hangings with, here are four rectangles that will get stretched over 8″x10″ wooden stretchers.