Welcome to the new Word Press blog of EatingArt.

Twenty years of EatingArt morphed about five times to get to this point.  I haven’t made a real entry since June 20th because that is when my Frontpage software wouldn’t upload to the web any longer.

I knew it was going to happen someday.  Microsoft created the Frontpage web building software that I loved but then ditched it and stopped supporting it.  So the server company that I rent space on told me that I couldn’t upload anymore because there were security concerns, for Microsoft no longer upgraded the extensions that are needed to run the software safely.

So that brings me to this point.

I still needed to have a website for our business and the few clients I’m still working with, so I was reading where Word Press was used on 50% of all websites.  It’s free, it gets continually upgraded, what could go wrong?

It’s a different way of constructing websites than what I was use to.  I’m finding I’m adding a lot of html coding along the way to get the results I want, but it’s doable and I am getting familiar with the program enough that I’m now able to reconstruct our business and personal websites.

So this entry will come after the June 20th entry, I’ll date it July 1 even though it’s October 12th and four months have passed.  But soooo much has happened in four months that I want to go back in time and bring this blog up to the present.

Our daughter Emily had a baby boy, Zane, so we are grandparents and Sue completed a spectacular mural in Plattsburgh.  I will document all this in the blog as soon as possible.

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