Monthly Archives: October 2015

Studio Work

It’s been a lovely Adirondack autumn and just like the change of seasons, the business goes through a change.  The quiet days are here now, until our sale on November 21st & 22nd, and that is what we are working towards right now.  But this has been an unusual year for us.  Business has come from lots of different places.

Sue has been doing lots of wholesale work.  Here are some of the pendants going to the Adirondack Life Magazine for their holiday sales.  Sue also has dog and cat bowls along with knitting bowls going to them.  There are plenty of wholesale mugs going out to different stores as well.

But Sue keeps throwing wonderful pots for the gallery and her many, many fans.  The quiet days really gives us time to get work done, to put hours into the studio in quiet, or have a pod cast on NPR to listen to.

When I am in the studio I’ve been working on Shabori silk scarfs, to get a supply ready for the holiday sale when they will be 50% off!

10_30_15_studio_3Between the sale day and new years we will be busy.  Our business is slightly ahead of last year, it’s taken about 5 years to come back from the great recession, but now that we are back to pre-recession levels and seem to be holding perhaps things are getting better.
10_30_15_studio_5Our wonderful cat “Sachsquash” hanging out in front of the pellet stove in the studio.  He quite often will spend his day watching Sue on the wheel or whatever activity she is doing.

I really hope to put more up on EatingArt now that I have the blog in WordPress and don’t have to worry about software anymore.  Wordpress is free and the updates happen automatically.  Some group somewhere made the software and put it up on the web for free.  I’d prefer what I use to use, but since I can’t use that anymore, this will suffice.

I’m in the midst of renovations.  When Sue and I were married we built a one bedroom apartment in my Mother’s A-Frame house and we lived there for 6 1/2 years.  We bought the old Burdick homestead out on the main road where Sue had her pottery studio and we were in the middle of turning the house part into a gallery and upstairs studio for me, when we found out we were having Corrine.  We needed a house for our new family to live in then and so the gallery/studio became…..home.  It’s been home now for 27 years.

The old apartment in the A-Frame basement is still there, only we canabalized it over the years whenever we needed something……door knob….light fixture… know…..

Also the apartment had a soft tile ceiling that was coming apart, there was a hot water leak at one time, the bathroom needed a new floor and we sheetrocked the ceiling this time, after insulating it.  Anyway….there’s been lots of new stuff done, updated and nice and we are almost ready to paint.

That’s where I’ve put my time this late summer and autumn season.  Can’t wait to just have time in the studio again.  But this is important to get done, because I still have an upstairs bathroom that I will be gutting and rebuilding this winter.  We want to have the house ready for vacation rentals next summer, and for family and friends when they come to visit.

Baby Zane


Baby Zane Devendorf, 9lbs 10oz, 19 inches, a good size baby and he took his sweet time coming into the world.  He must have been quite comfortable where he was.  But now he’s got so much love happening.



Once week later he has grown an inch and gained 7 oz!


Emily is doing very well, as is Zane.