Gearing Up, Zane, A Frame and new prints

We are gearing up for our Holiday Sale, Saturday and Sunday, November 21, 22, 10am to 5pm both days.  25% all pottery, 50% silk scarves, 25% etchings and books.
Stoneware teapots by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYHere’s a fresh selection of tea pots for the sale.
11_7_15_5I’ve made plenty of Shabori scarfs, here are some still in the working stage.

11_7_15_3We visited with Emily and Zane during the week.  Zane is one month old in the photo, he grew 2 inches and is doing very well.


This is the A-frame in the woods that my parents built in 1975, we are sprucing it up.  It’s in very good condition but things have gotten old in 40 years, so we’re touching up the outside and rehabilitating the inside on a pay as you go basis.   We’re hoping to rent the upstairs to vacationers next summer.
11_7_15_2When I go over to the A-frame to work on something, I usually start with a walk around the lake, which is only a very short walk from the house.  The walk around is a mile and half, sometimes I go around twice, once for aerobic….

Adirondack Oil Paintings, Terrance D Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYAbove is a painting I did in 2004 called “Autumn Morning” it measures 18″x36″, it was sold.

marcydam_smlThe owner of the painting came into the gallery this summer and saw my new painting, “Marcy Dam” (right) and wanted to purchase it.  However I had decided to make prints of this and some of my other new works and I hadn’t yet taken a high resolution photo, hadn’t come up with a price and just wasn’t ready to let it go.  I always hate to see a painting go out the door, I love making a living at it, but it’s still hard to see them go.

There is quite a lot of competition with art work these days, specifically with photography and what they call glicee prints, which are basically ink jet prints using light fast inks.

I once had some pencil drawings reproduced and the method to print back then was off-set litho, I was not happy with the printing and the printer wouldn’t listen to my advice on the way that I wanted them.

I’ve done my own printing from etching plates that I made my hand, the old fashion way of printing making and really one of the few original ways of doing it that is left.

Now everyone with a camera has a printer, some printers are better than others and some are made just for printing, art prints.  I didn’t want to print my own and have to deal with computers and printers so I started looking around for a company or person to do the ink jet printing on canvas for me.

I thought that the oil painting brush strokes would work well with printing on the canvas, but I didn’t want to get going on photographing my work and getting prints made until after the busy holiday season.

I told the owner of “Autumn Morning” my plans to make prints of my paintings and he offered to take the painting to a company that would photograph the painting and then make a canvas print.  He mailed it to me and it was very nice, so he got me going on this project and I’m very appreciative.  He will be buying “Marcy Dam” in the springtime when he comes back to the mountains.

Over the winter I will be getting other prints made and I plan on doing much more painting with the plan to make prints on canvas.