Cleaning the gallery, raku firing

With just days away from our Holiday/Christmas sale we are giving the gallery one of our twice annual cleanups…..the other one comes before the summer.
Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYSue is firing four bisque and two glaze kilns this week with some fantastic work.  We are maxing out our 200 amp electrical system by overlap running an 80 amp kiln and and a 50 amp kiln.  We run them in the middle of the night.  Cuts into sleep….but its a long winter.
Stoneware pottery by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYThis leaf design casselrole holds one gallon and has a very cool clay branch like handle.
Raku by Sue Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYBesides all those electrical kilns going, Sue is firing the raku today.
Raku by Sue Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYFlames are everywhere, the heat is pushing into her face and after we put the cover on this one, Sue is smiling and says, “Who the hell invented this process”!  She loves it!  More fire the better.