Studio Work and Mild Winter Weather

Sue has a lot of juggling to do.  Wholesale orders, special requests from long time customers, keeping the shop stocked and creating new ideas.
12_6_15_1Here Sue is at work on making a Goat Handle for a casserole, a special order.
12_6_15_7Here it is in its beginning shape.
12_6_15_3Also on special order are some butter dishes.  Sue throws the two forms on the wheel and then alters them.  The top of the butter cover and bottom of the dish will be made from a slab of clay.

I love the over head view.


12_6_15_6Today was 50 degrees and in some places in the Adirondacks it was probably higher.  I took the opportunity for a little hike.

Last night was in the teens, a heavy frost was on the ground this morning, but soon after the sun popped up over the mountain around 7:30am it began warming up quickly.  I wore a sweater and skull cap and was plenty warm.

In the photo at right you can see the frost still on the ground in the shade even though the temperature at this point was just over 40.

The little brook was moving, no sign of ice on December 6.

I was able to get a nice look at a woodpecker.
12_6_15_2The forecast is for a mild week and that means more hikes through the woods.