Christmas Orders, Walk in the Woods

Sue has two more kilns to fire, to get all the orders out.


These mugs caught my eye.  A special order for someone who wanted a small half size mug and more square than round.  You never know, even this might become an item and you’ll see it in the gallery in 2016.
12_10_15_6Sue is putting handles on mugs, the bisque kiln is loaded with mugs, there is a shelf of mugs on her wheel and the ware shelfs behind her are full of mugs.  The pellet stove is on low, its been really warm in the Adirondacks, 50+ today.

So I went for a little walk before I began a day renovations at the A Frame in the woods.
12_10_15_4Unseasonably warm, no snow, no frost, no winter.

I like meandering around and looking for natures wonders.  A small log of Birch caught my eye, because of the size.  It was just right for something that I like to do.  I could tell it was rotting from the inside, that’s what is amazing about Birch, the inside rots but the Birch bark always looks fresh and new.  I squeeze it and then pushed to rotted inside out and was left with a wonderful tube of Birch bark.
12_10_15_2Perfect to put a lens in and view the landscape.
12_10_15_1Or, put a bottom in it and use it as a cup.

But I found a small bent tree and carefully slid it over it’s branches to rest in an unusual spot.


Someone On The Trail (perhaps)

How does something like that happen
it isn’t natural
yet, there it is
The wind?
it could have been blow there,
I mean there must be thousands
of bits of Birch bark that fly
through the forest during a wind.
Surely one might fly onto a branch.

Or some artist was walking the trail.


This week we went to visit Emily and Zane.  Listening to the two mothers talking put me right to sleep also.