Mild Winter Walk

It is a balmy 58 at our house today, going close to 70 tomorrow.  On my walk this morning I was taken by the green moss.  The way the light in the atmosphere was, it seemed as if the greens were especially brilliant.
12_23_151I don’t think the photos do it justice, but the contrast between the living green colors and the browns and rusts of the drying leaves really caught my attention this morning.

This is a photo essay of my attentions.
12_23_15212_23_15412_23_15612_23_155Here I found an interesting yellow mold on the green moss.  With the warm temperatures expected through New Years, I’m thinking there will be a lot more walking that skiing and snow shoeing.


So many things of beauty can catch my eye on a morning like this one.  It’s so distracting that sometimes it will change the whole course of my day.  It might give me an idea to pursue artistically, or it might induce some kind of contemplation.