Moldmaking, Happy New Year

After a short break for the Holidays, we are back at it.
1_9_16_7Sue is making a mold for a family crest that will be attached to a series of beer steins.
1_9_16_2Using plaster of paris, Sue has taken the design sent to her, reversed it so that it looks negative and that had a rubber stamp made of it.  She uses a set of clamps to hold her form together and then pours the plaster into the form and over the stamp.
1_9_16_1Sue will take a proof of the image and then quite often re-work the image in clay and make another mold from the clay image this time.
1_9_16_3Resulting in a wonderful stein with a families logo crest on it.

Years ago Sue use to make steins on a regular basis, mostly for home brewers and one local brewery.  But after the local brewery stiffed us she lost her taste for the steins.  That’s one of the problems of being an honest merchant and skilled craftsperson, we never take deposits on work, believing it’s better to have the finished piece done for the client, just in case it doesn’t come as expected, we won’t have to give back money.

Just for the record, Sue work always comes out great.


Last summer our friend Erdvidlas showed Sue a singing Sake pot.  When you pour the Sake from the pot it whistles and it has a little clay birdy on top.  The pouring liquid moves the air in the post through a built in whistle.
1_9_16_8Sue has tried to recreate the piece.  Here it is in the bisque kiln.  When it is finished I will show it here along with the original.


Zane at three months and ten days, fashionably wearing a knitted hat and knitted booties by his Grandmother, Sue.