Old work of ours from Mom’s house


“A Soft Blanket of Snow Covers My Woodpile” 1982

My mother had this above her mantle for 32 years.  I probably gave it as a gift, because that was her woodpile that year.  She continued burning wood up until she was 90.

I love the way after a fresh snowfall it just drapes the wood.  All the different cuts of wood add a nice patern to observe.


This is a small 8×10″ painting of “Dandelions” that were her favorite flowers.  This hung in her home for perhaps twenty years and I probably painted it around 1990 or so.


A pinch pot with Sue’s flowing water design (1980’s) and a sleeping bear (1990’s).  Gifts to Mom over the years.  The pinch pot is very nicely formed and the flowing water design was something Sue developed on her functionas stoneware as well.  Sue did a series of wonderful bears made from a dark brown red clay, then the clay developed problems with cracking and Sue didn’t feel that the bear series worked well with any other clay and so there were no more bears to be made…..sad, they were always fun to look at and be near.


Here is a small crayon on birch bark drawing Mom made probably in the 1990’s because its been hanging in my studio for many years.  I’ve always love the free style she used and also the different mediums.  Mom use to quilt us beautiful scenes in fabric that we would sell in our gallery.  I also have many drawings and paintings of her cats over the years that she did in very graphical ways.


Still life from the 1980’s.  Mom had this in her A Frame for many years as well.  A still life study.  When I lived in the city I did still lifes and continued when I move to the Adirondacks.  I always found it nice to just sit and paint or draw just to hone skill.


This is another study of pears that she had hanging on her walls.  I think she would pop in the studio and see something, make a remark about it and I would just give it to her.