New Wood Working and Studio Work


We have some new work by a local wood worker, Mike Brewer.  The wine caddy is very nice in walnut, holds a bottle of wine and four glasses, the tray is a great size and being maple will last a long long time.


Here’s a walnut tray with one of Sue’s teapot sets.

Sue has been very busy with orders this winter, she fills them and more just keep coming in.  I’m still renovating the A-Frame and probably will continue for another month or two.

But I decided to stay home during the recent below zero cold snap and I made a bunch of shabori scarves.


Here’s what it looks like when it comes off the bottle from being scrunched up.  From this point I’ll iron and steam it.


Even with all the orders, Sue still gets work of her own out into the gallery.  This very cool shaped deep dish caught my eye.  It’s about 14 inches long.