Even More Studio Fun

Sue decided to make several of her decorated slab mugs


Here she’s painted with colored slip on paper.  The trick is to now transfer the slip painting to a clay slab.
3_5_16_3After a little more decorating the image she moves it on top a slab of clay.
3_5_16_4Then slowly reveals the image by carefully and slowly pulling the paper back and the image transfers from the paper to the clay.
3_5_16_5Here she’s cut out the bottom of the mug.
3_5_16_6Now she has all the pieces ready for the mug.
3_5_16_9Here’s some more images she was working on today.
3_5_16_83_5_16_7More work on Shabories in my studio and then we tried a new technique.
3_5_16_1This is the size of a doo-rag, about 24 inches square.  This piece of cotton is folded in triangles and then clamped tight and the edges are dipped in stain.  This is what happens when it dries.