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Eating Art again

There was quite a lapse in this blog for a couple of months.  I was totally wrapped up in renovating my Mom’s A-Frame in the woods, that she called, “Windsong”.

Its been a two year project.  Beginning with taking out the old furniture and rugs, which were forty years old.  Then we renovated the basement apartment that Sue and I use to live in when we were first married.  We lived there five years and brought Corrine home to the apartment when she was born.

We re-built the house where we now have our business on route 86 after Corrine came along.  We were in the process of making it a gallery and studio, but realized we needed a home for our growing family.

On April first of this year we started on the upstairs bathroom.


There was a linen closet tucked into the corner, which is now gone, giving more room for the vanity I made.


6_27_16_b 6_27_16_a

When is there never a problem when you open up the walls and floor of a bathroom.  We were very lucky that after 40 years there was very little water damage.

Sue wanted to build a walk in shower which meant that we needed to move the existing traps for the shower and the toilet, six inches to the right.  Sounds easy?  It would have been if the 40 year old pipe matched up to today’s pipe sizes and of course it didn’t.  I had to consult with plumbers and we found a good solution to join the two different types.


Sue designed a beautiful walk in shower with a pebble trip and a corner stool.

6_27_16_k 6_27_16_j

Here is the finished shower.  Sue always wanted to use glass bricks, here she got her opportunity.


Here is the vanity that I made.  Slab lumber top, birch bark panels in the doors, three drawers on the right.

Here is some of a series of photos we took to stage the house.





We didn’t worry about making it look too “Adirondack”, I mean it is in the middle of the Adirondack woods, a trail from the property links up to a trail around a near-by lake and a system of trails that you could walk all day on.  With the knotty pine and the art work from our private collection it has plenty of ADK flavor going on.