Catching up and Eatingart

We two could easily get stressed out this summer, but we’re not.  We’ve talked and listen to one another about our anxieties.  The house renovation took way longer and cost way more, but it was worth it because it came out beautiful and we are renting it now.

Although there was all that in our lives Sue continued to create new pieces of art.

7_24_16_9 7_24_16_8

This raku piece has a stairway up the outside and then on the other side a stair way enters the vessel and goes somewhere?  It’s a curious blend of copper, aqua and white crackle.


Sue recently fired a lot of Raku, here are some of her popular people forms.


The patter of crackle on this piece caught my eye.


I’m thrilled to finally hang some giclee prints of my pencil drawings in the gallery.  On the left is, “Bather and Tree on Johns Brook”, on the right, “A Satisfying Fog”.  Now that I have the play behind me I can concentrate on getting new prints out in the gallery and some new original work as well.

We had a very successful run of the play, it was such a wonderful creative collaboration with very talented and trusted friends.


Here is a rehearsal scene, from left, Martha, Lia and Dennis.

New Gallery Work


We have new weaving’s in the gallery.  When Sue and I opened our gallery 34 years ago we featured weaving because Sue had a loom and we had it set up with warp and we use to weave during the long winters.  But weaving’s were hard to sell, hard to get the money for the time.


These are created by, Whimsy and Tea, a local weaver.  Here they are displayed with Sue’s pottery but we’re going to display them on a rack all on their own.


We personal have a nice collection of local hand weaving, some of our own from years ago and some tapestries as well.


We also have jewelry by Kate Sears as well.  A local woman who creates wonderfully intricate copper designs to hold infused wood.  This is wood that is very punky and rotted, she infuses color into it and vacuum seals it to create a very durable piece of jewelry.


Kate has also designed these Tree of Life pendants, they have been popular.

Summer started very slow after July fourth but then picked up in the last ten days, we are in an average pattern for July now and that feels good after all the hard work we’ve put into getting the gallery ready for the summer.

It finally feels like we’re don’t have to “catch up” any longer