End of Summer Repairs and Garden Shots

There’s always work to do on the studios, home and gallery.  3,000 sq feet of trouble or pleasure, depending on what needs the work.


Here Sue is on top of the studio’s cleaning the chimney.  She wouldn’t let me go up there because I have been accident prone lately, having been laid up first with my right leg when a chair fell on it and then with my left leg when I had a reaction from a bee sting.


The garden flowers where spectacular this year, lots of sunny dry days, the vegetable garden supplied us with everything we needed and more.

The last day of August 2016 brings a much needed little rain.  I’ve seen small streams dry up this summer.  We’ve had to pump our gardens full of water, lucky we have a well that is 600 feet deep with lots of cold granite water.


Some of our sunflowers top eleven feet.  We’ll leave them up until the birds have their fill.





We haven’t sold Sue’s Jack in the Pulpit water fountain yet.  It gets a lot of looks and comments but no one is springing for the $1200, which is quite a bargain.



We’ve had better apple years, but we’ll get enough for our apple pie fetish.


The blueberries were fantastic this year, we have our pies and quarts frozen for the whole winter.

Having all your fruit and veggies canned and frozen is a good feeling, like having all your wood stacked for the long winter.