Autumn Walk

Tis the season for long walks and we are lucky because we don’t have to travel far, just walk out our door.
oct_15This is a drone shot of our Windsong Cottage in the woods.  The house is in the lower center of the photo just across the dirt road from the lake.  The trail around the lake is full of wonderment every single day.
oct_11A Pileated Woodpecker is working on the base of an old tree.
oct_12oct_5There are always mushrooms growing in these woods.  Here are two varieties that are popping out of old logs.
oct_8Opps….looks like a Blue Jay met its demise here…..probably from an owl.
oct_4Canadian Geese are at the lake waiting for a nice chilly day to head south.
oct_13The water is very still and very low.
oct_6About a mile from the lake is this beaver dam Sue and I treacherously crossed and got lost.
But that’s what walking in autumn is all about……forget where you are and just take in the beauty of nature.

You’ll get home eventually.