Happy Thanksgiving and a new udu design

We had a very successful Holiday Sale.

Here’s what the gallery looked like on the morning of.

Sue’s gotten a special order for one of her Udu’s……
(an Udu is an implosive aerophone made of clay.  Actually being a water jug with an additional hole, it was played by Igbo women for ceremonial uses in Nigeria.)

When we had the percussion band, Mountain Drum we played Udu’s and I continue to play on one that Sue made for me.



Here is Sue’s design for this one, it doesn’t have the holes in it as yet.  A double chamber with a face, she actually calls it a Utar because of the the length and holding it is like holding a guitar.


Knowing that this one is going to a friend she is pulling out all the stops.  It is a playable work of art essentially.

When the palm of a hand comes down over one of the holes, sound erupts out of the other, kind of a mellow Boing sound.  On top of the face is another hole and you can drum your fingers and hands on the clay itself and other sounds come out of the udu’s holes.


Sue carved into the piece and then applied a white slip and then smoothed it out, so that it is engraved into the piece.


A one of a kind work of art and clay instrument by Sue Young.


Here is a post from 2012 with an example of the Udu sound.

Our friend Nadia came over one afternoon, she’s giving a poetry reading at the Blue Seed Studio in Saranac Lake and I mentioned how I’m combining my poetry and drumming.  So we decided to get together and just jam with some of her poetry.  The following piece came out of the jam session.

I played a beat on the udu and Sue is the back ground on a drum.

Black Angel  a poem by Nadia Korths.