Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy New Year

2016 was good but below average.  We’re hoping things will get better like most Americans and Earthlings…….  So we always have hope for the future, enjoy the diversity of our country and keep supplies in our studios to make things……. because that is what we do.


Lobsters from Maine

So we’re just sittin’ around one evening……..
Playing with a top on the kitchen table when………………..

Lobsters arrive fresh and alive from Maine, it doesn’t take long to make them into a meal,
with a nice loaf of Challah and Belgium beers.

Thanks Susan K!

Last kiln of 2016

A lot of special orders in this kiln.  The udu is finished and sounds great, this special order is from a niece to her aunt and her aunt is our former band mate, so Sue made it extra special.

The old covered bridge mug, started as a fund raiser for JEMS and now only made by request for people who even know they are around.

A beautiful urn for a special kitty.  The receiver was so moved she is sending us
some lobsters from Maine.