Yearly Archives: 2016

Pumpkin Carving

When our kids and all the cousins were small we always had a wonderful Pumpkin Carving party, with prizes and lots of good food and fun.


We still love to carve our pumpkins.  This year we were at our Windsong rental cottage in the woods.
oct_pumpkins_bIt was a warm evening, we made sweet and sour meatballs over wild rice, put a little ambient fire in the stove and went to work.

oct_3 oct_pumpkins_c

Glens Falls Food Fest

Zanes big day out, he is one year and nine days and sampling new tastes.


About 50 food vendors from local restaurants set up booths in downtown Glens Falls, around the Library Grounds.  Very easy to get too and plenty of parking.

foodfest_afoodfest_cSmall samples fill you up quickly when there are 50 or more vendors.


Zane is learning which are his favorite flavors and tastes.




Autumn Walk

Tis the season for long walks and we are lucky because we don’t have to travel far, just walk out our door.
oct_15This is a drone shot of our Windsong Cottage in the woods.  The house is in the lower center of the photo just across the dirt road from the lake.  The trail around the lake is full of wonderment every single day.
oct_11A Pileated Woodpecker is working on the base of an old tree.
oct_12oct_5There are always mushrooms growing in these woods.  Here are two varieties that are popping out of old logs.
oct_8Opps….looks like a Blue Jay met its demise here…..probably from an owl.
oct_4Canadian Geese are at the lake waiting for a nice chilly day to head south.
oct_13The water is very still and very low.
oct_6About a mile from the lake is this beaver dam Sue and I treacherously crossed and got lost.
But that’s what walking in autumn is all about……forget where you are and just take in the beauty of nature.

You’ll get home eventually.

Studio Work and Food

Artists got to work…..


Here Sue is coloring some of her pendants, using her hand as a pallet, would someone please tell her that is unacceptable…..she won’t listen to me.  Even something as simple as this can put unwanted chemicals into your body.


Artists got to eat…….


Here’s a pork loin, rubbed with wonderful spices, sitting on a bed of collard greens, onions and garlic with yellow carrots, all ready to be baked at 325 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.

As soon as it’s done, it’s back in the studio for us.

Looking for waterfalls

Sue and I took a day to relax by a stream and draw, explore and maybe do a little watercolor.

The summer has been so dry in the Adirondacks, one of the driest on record.


This is Roaring Brook in Keene Valley, and it is dry.  No water here at all.


Here is where the water should be coming from off of Giant Mountain, but there’s only a trickle of water coming down Roaring Brook Falls, and it drying up before it gets too far.


We did find water, but it was all very low and slow moving.


It was great for exploring for rocks, of which we found some really nice smooth ones to add to our garden collection.


Came across this little frog sitting on a leaf.

A walk in the woods.

I love just exploring to see what catches my eye and imagination.




9_14_16_a 9_14_16_b

The three photos above are all closeups of parts of the following photo.




It was the leaf that caught my eye.



A glint of sun caught this spiders web hanging in the tree.


The simplicity of walking the woods
can change you day in so many ways.

The Wild Center

We were here ten years ago in Tupper Lake when the opened the center.  We came back to see what was new and to take the tree house walk that they’ve made.


First though we checked out the exhibits in the main building.  What an incredible resource for schools in the Adirondacks this center is.  Besides permanent exhibits they have traveling ones and several stations where students can do hands on learning.


This fellow was walking around with a small injured barn owl.  He wore these glasses to show how large human eyes would be in relation to the owls.

We brought our own lunch, they have lots of nice places to picnic, but they do have a cafe inside as well.

But we came to try out the Tree House.


It’s quite an involved structure.  Large metal tubes keep the walk way in place.


Here Sue is sampling a large board game they have set up for “kids”.



Plenty of place to sit.


A suspension bridge takes you to a giant tree remnant that they made out of cement, it looks very real.


From inside the tree looking out.


A giant web for the “Kids” to play in.


Wonderful views of the Adirondacks all around.


At the highest point they have a giant nest you can climb up to.


But no one told me…….


It was an active nest!

End of Summer Repairs and Garden Shots

There’s always work to do on the studios, home and gallery.  3,000 sq feet of trouble or pleasure, depending on what needs the work.


Here Sue is on top of the studio’s cleaning the chimney.  She wouldn’t let me go up there because I have been accident prone lately, having been laid up first with my right leg when a chair fell on it and then with my left leg when I had a reaction from a bee sting.


The garden flowers where spectacular this year, lots of sunny dry days, the vegetable garden supplied us with everything we needed and more.

The last day of August 2016 brings a much needed little rain.  I’ve seen small streams dry up this summer.  We’ve had to pump our gardens full of water, lucky we have a well that is 600 feet deep with lots of cold granite water.


Some of our sunflowers top eleven feet.  We’ll leave them up until the birds have their fill.





We haven’t sold Sue’s Jack in the Pulpit water fountain yet.  It gets a lot of looks and comments but no one is springing for the $1200, which is quite a bargain.



We’ve had better apple years, but we’ll get enough for our apple pie fetish.


The blueberries were fantastic this year, we have our pies and quarts frozen for the whole winter.

Having all your fruit and veggies canned and frozen is a good feeling, like having all your wood stacked for the long winter.

End of Summer


For the last weekend in August we did a turkey on the wood fired rotisserie.  I slowed cooked and smoked it for five hours, great way to spend a day.  Some corn and balls of stuffing wrapped in alum, right on the coals……they were yummy.


Unfortunately the turkey never made it to the table.  Scott thought I was fooling around just before I took my first big bite…….it’s only ten feet to the table…..but the white meat was all gone and I stuffed a leg in my pocket……